RRS Discovery – Underwater Science!

This is roughly halfway between personal research and work, as I won a ballot to get a tour of the RRS Discovery – a NERC research ship that was visiting London for a few days.

I’d absolutely love to work on a research ship, especially one that spends a lot of its time around and about Antarctica. Ferries are my favourite form of transport, and my perfect holidays include it when you’re stuck looking out a window with rain beating down. If that doesn’t make me a perfect candidate to work on a research ship, I’m not sure what does (well, my CV might need adding to..)

Here are a few photos from the day, but be sure to scroll to the end for a link to the full album (or click here)

Blue Ensign flying on the back deck

Displaying the Blue Ensign (had to check wikipedia for that..)

Joysticks and levers

Visilynx sounded cool. Apparently it’s a “cost effective integrated video matrix system offering bi-directional over-the-coax and RS485/422 telemetry” – oh.

Sea glider and video

This thing liked to watch itself on the computer, which is a touch narcissistic if you ask me.


I forgot to ask about AUTOSUB3, but you can find out more here.

Isis control cabin

Inside the Isis control ‘portakabin’. Best. Portakabin. Ever.

Looking up at the rig walkway

Looking up at the towing rig / walkway, and thoroughly blue skies!

ODAS 56, part of the Candyfloss Array

This is part of the excellently-named ‘Candyfloss Array’ – info and photos here.

There’s a wee tour for you, but for a ‘shipload’ more photos (complete with the same ‘witty’ captions), be sure to click the button below. I had a great time on board, and was very jealous of the weather-ridden, batten-down-the-hatches research done on board. It would be a dream to do something similar one day – best get planning.

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