I’ve been going to the same pub quiz since 2005 or so, going through a number of team iterations. The most-recent group have been setting each other a weekly quiz for the past couple of years, and we’ve amassed a decent bank of questions. Each week, one person from the team sets everyone else a quiz, and due to the online nature of the quiz, this allows questions with pictures, videos, music clips etc as well. With various distractions, the enthusiasm for setting these quizzes dwindled, so we decided to stop at 1000 questions – an impressive resource though! Some info on the game-plan below:

Pub Quiz Generator

Hundreds of questions at your disposal!

I thought it would be good to post each quiz online, but also create a way to generate a good quiz from the varied array of questions on offer. Ideally, each generated quiz would:

– Be 10 questions long
– Have a nice mix of topics
– Have a range of difficulty / points per question
– Contain at least one picture / music / video question

On top of this, each generated quiz would need to be unique, so repeated iterations don’t share any questions. It would also be good to have a permalink to the quiz you’ve generated in case it’s good enough to save!

So I set about creating a script to handle all of this and show each person’s quizzes but also attempt to generate this ‘ideal’ quiz. It was quite fun putting it together, and hopefully you’ll enjoy answering them. If you like a particular question, you can click the grey name / date link after it to see the whole quiz, as well as all other quizzes by that person.

Pub Quiz Generator
Generate! ยป

Hit the generate button above and see what quiz you get, then hit the refresh icon to get another… There are now enough questions that you can create a decent amount of random quizzes in a row without repetition. You can also take a look at my last quiz at time of writing as well as exploring the longest countries made of elements!

Happy Quizzing!