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1) Picture round, what links the names of the 6 people in this picture? (Tips: One of these people I doubt anyone will have ever even heard of, and another is not even spelled correctly! However I hope it's still work-out-able...) (1 pt)  Martin:  2017-11-20

2) LAX is the common name for Los Angeles International Airport, but where did this name come from? (1 pt)  Phil:  2018-02-08

3) The 2018 Winter Olympics is in full flow and in the curling event all of the curling stones in Pyeongchang are hewn from the granite rock of which Scottish Island in the outer Firth of Clyde, colloquially known as "Paddy's milestone"? (1 pt)  Martin:  2018-02-22

4) Former president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, was forced to stand down in February 2018. Who succeeded him? (1 pt)  Saskia:  2018-03-03

5) According to the ONS in 2015, what was the #1 cause of death of men aged 20-49 in the UK? (1 pt)  Cav:  2019-03-03

6) The World! Name 3 country names (as commonly used in English) that share no letters with MACKEREL! (3 pts)  Cav:  2018-10-29

7) Name the 4 letters of the Greek alphabet whose English spellings contain none of the letters of the word ALPHABET (4 pts)  Ali:  2018-03-18

8) A syllabic abbreviation is when parts of words are used to form a name, e.g. Office of Communications = Ofcom. Can you name the words that have formed these two place names? 1/2 point for any individual word, 2 points (total) for a fully correct answer. a) Soweto b) Tribeca (4 pts)  Phil:  2017-05-29

9) What are the ingredients needed to make a standard mojito cocktail? (5 pts)  Ewan:  2017-04-11

10) In the pictured map, the pins mark three UK towns / cities which share their names with US state capitals. Name the places and the states of which they are the capitals. (6 pts)  Ali:  2018-10-09

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