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1) In a traditional British wedding reception, who is the first to deliver their speech? (1 pt)  Cav:  2019-03-03

2) Which 1970 album by The Grateful Dead was ranked #258 on Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time and features the single "Truckin'"? (1 pt)  Cav:  2017-10-11

3) Warbler, Elgar and Cephas are all crossword compilers for which British daily newspaper? (1 pt)  Martin:  2019-05-11

4) Fluteman is an 1982 Australian film that retells the story of? (1 pt)  Susi:  2018-08-14

5) Which Dutch-American artist's oil painting Interchange is currently (perhaps jointly held with Gaughin) the highest valued piece of art ever sold (at around $300 million)? (1 pt)  Adam:  2017-01-26

6) a) All planets of the Solar System (except Earth) and most moons are named from characters from which two (related) sources? b) The moons of Uranus are an exception - they are named after literary characters from which two people? They are the number 1 & 2 most-frequently quoted writers in the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations. (3 pts)  Phil:  2019-06-25

7) 'Neon' lights refer to any bright light using glass tubes filled with gas - though not always filled with neon which producesan orange light. What gases are used in red, yellow, white and blue 'neon' lights? (1 point for each). Bonus point if you match all the colours to their gases. (5 pts)  Russell:  2017-10-03

8) Some of the British Overseas Territories have their own postcodes, can you work out the territory from the example postcode? a) GX11 1AA b) TKCA 1ZZ c) FIQQ 1ZZ d) PCRN 1ZZ (4 pts)  Martin:  2018-10-02

9) Name the three books of the bible beginning with L (2 Old Testament, 1 New Testament) (3 pts)  Ali:  2019-01-28

10) Music round - 0.5 for artist 0.5 for title. Bonus point for naming the theme: (6 pts)  Ali:  2018-03-18






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