Daftmill 15yo Fife Strength

I love the concept of Daftmill. A small, independent farm distillery that produces little and focuses on outputting only quality bottles. As such, it’s not cheap and there are just a few, limited releases each year. This was the first with a stated age on the bottle (alongside the 2006/2022) and was only released to UK independent whisky shops. I picked one up locally and didn’t waste too much time before giving it a taste.

Daftmill 15yo Fife Strength - bottle

Daftmill 15yo Fife Strength – very classy looking bottle, in my opinion

I’d previously only ever tried one Daftmill, which was this 2006/2018 (fruity nose, good but not mindblowing taste and limes on the finish), so was keen to try something a bit older. At £170 for a bottle though, it’s not a distillery I’ll get to try a lot of…

Daftmill 15yo Fife Strength - glass

Daftmill 15yo Fife Strength – Lovely, golden glow in the glass

Daftmill 2007/2023 15yo
Bourbon Barrel  |  56.3%

Nose: Youthful, rose, lemon, perfume, biscuits!
Taste: Sauternes, big toffee, gentle fruit turning to mature apples. It’s extremely clean.
Finish: Sweet, tangy fruit. A little spicy? (not in a bad way)
Overall: So drinkable, like an old cider in whisky form. Lovely distillate.
Score: 8/10 – this one will stay with me.

Daftmill 15yo Fife Strength - 2007/2023 56.3%

Daftmill 15yo Fife Strength – 2007/2023 56.3%

Is it delicious? Yes.
Is it worth £170? Probably not – I guess that’s subjective, but at least it was memorable.


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