Hazelburn 16yo Port Cask (Springbank Society)

After a recent review of a Springbank 26yo from Cadenhead’s Club, I thought it was time to review the new offering from Springbank Society. Thanks to success in a ballot, it was time to taste this Hazelburn 16yo Port Cask, which was £50 for 35cl (£60 delivered) – considering the current market, this is a very fair price. This is just a simple review – as you’ll see, it perhaps wasn’t quite my bag, but I can see others totally loving this.

Hazelburn 16yo Port Cask

Hazelburn 16yo Port Cask – deep and rich in the glass

Nose: Old cupboards, syrup, roses, faint herbs, Hubba Bubba (strawberry flavour). More floral with water.
Taste: Dry, massive wood, lemon rind (in fruit cake), and perhaps a bit minty when it opens up.
Finish: Goes on for ages, varnish – becoming bitter. Really tannic.
Overall: It’s very dry and intense without water. With water, it doesn’t massively change – interesting. It’s sweet and candied to start with, but very dry at the end with or without water. It’s “massive” – excellent for the end of of a whisky festival, but slightly challenging as a normal dram. A bit overcooked?
Score: 7/10 – big and muscular, but a bit overcooked?

Hazelburn 16yo Port Cask

Hazelburn 16yo Port Cask 50.8% (35ml)

Another very interesting bottle from the Society, and well-priced to give this kind of thing a try. Certainly an intriguing bottle, but maybe just a bit too much. Cracking fun, though!

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