Buckcask! Tonic Wine Whisky

I was at a tasting recently and we got discussing different cask finishes. Maybe a couple of drams had been had at this point, but it was jokingly considered if anyone had ever finished a whisky in a Buckfast cask (is Buckfast even made in a cask?!). But hey, if Fishky is a thing (mmm, herring cask whisky), then who knows…

A quick, semi-serious google later and we discovered it had actually been done, perhaps only once before – and was no longer available. This was pretty much forgotten about until a few weeks later, when a rumour circulated in the bar we were in that they had a bottle available. £10 a dram? It sort of had to be done, and when a free shot of Buckie was offered alongside, it sealed the deal.

Tonic Wine Finish Whisky - MoM 10yo

It really was a religious experience…

OK, so is this real? It’s sort of halfway between truth and reality, I suspect. If you watch the video below, or read the advertising blurb, it’s obviously an April Fool (there’s also an even-whackier 21yo version!).

I actually prefer this to most legitimate whisky adverts…

And if you take any of that press release for granted, I think they’d be flirting with the wrong side of the whisky rules. I could be totally wrong, just reminds me a bit of the paxarette days:

“We got hold of three 1-litre casks and kicked off the test seasoning. Under Felipe and Paul’s watchful eyes, the tonic wine worked its magic on the oak. After some time…the wine was whisked out, and the test whisky went in.”

But I think the April Fool turned into a genuine release, which I guess isn’t too far away from a Port cask finish – just with extra caffeine and a worse reputation. But, who cares, either way – what on Earth did it taste like?

10-year-old MoM Tonic Wine Finish
Rhythm and Booze Project  |  46.0%

Nose: Lemony, quite hot
Taste: Curry, meaty, orange peel
Finish: Finishes quickly, with slight sour cherries
Overall: It was better than you’d expect, I’d say
Score: 6.5/10?! – God knows…

Tonic Wine Finish Whisky - MoM 10yoTonic Wine Finish Whisky - MoM 10yoTonic Wine Finish Whisky - MoM 10yo

I don’t think this is the start of a new found love for Buckfast-related whisky experiments, but it was fun while it lasted.


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