Communicating my science is important to me, and I talk at a wide variety of events – both academic and public. If you’re interested in me speaking at your event, please contact me on   I’ve also taught 150+ people in open source spatial analysis in QGIS and R – the latest course can be found here.

A selection of my talks, training and workshops from the last ~10 years can be seen below:

  • Increasing Clarity on Global Phosphorus Emissions, Drivers and Impacts
    Presentation at the uPcycle Global Inception Meeting, Mar 2024.
  • Spatial Analysis in QGIS & R – An Introduction for Environmental Scientists
    Training Course run externally via UKCEH: Jul 2021, May 2022, Jan/Dec 2023, Mar/Jul 2024.
  • The UK’s Water Portals
    Presentation to the Hydro Nation Chair, Aug 2023.
  • Using R for Ecological Spatial Analysis
    Workshop for the BES Aquatic Ecology Group, Sep 2022.
  • Waterway to have fun: A Journey through the Aquatic Environment
    GIS Update Conference, University of Edinburgh, Jun 2022.
  • Reviving the edges: understanding historical wetland extent and lakeshore restoration opportunities for England’s lakes
    Presentation for the UKILN Conference, Jun 2022.
  • Mapping dystrophic waterbodies through time – a new approach for England
    Presentation at SEFS12, Jul 2021.
  • Connecting Data, Connected Fish
    Presentation at the Shallow Lakes Conference, Mar 2021.
  • An integrated approach to measuring UK Air Pollution Impacts on Ecosystems
    Webinar for the Defra-UKCEH Strategic Partnership, Jul 2020.
  • UK Lakes Portal & Bloomin’ Algae App
    Live Demonstration at the BRC National Recording Schemes Meeting, Mar 2020.
  • Nyanza, Reveal Your Secrets
    Presentation at FOSS4GUK, Sep 2019.
  • An Introduction to QGIS
    Workshop at KMFRI Kisumu (Kenya), Mar 2019.
  • Connecting the Data Dots – from APIs to Hydroscapes
    Presentation at the Biodiversity Science Conference, Nov 2018.
  • Collecting & Consuming Freshwater Data
    Presentation at the BRC Freshwater Recorders Workshop, Oct 2018.
  • A New Suite of Connectivity Metrics for Assessing Ecological Responses at the Landscape Scale
    Presentation (see pg. 56) at the ASLO 2018 Summer Meeting, Jun 2018.
  • All Things Are Connected, But Some Are More Connected Than Others
    Presentation (author) at the Scottish Freshwater Group 100th Meeting, Apr 2018.
  • New Ways to Communicate Geographic Data
    Keynote Presentation at the AGI Scotland Annual Event, Feb 2018.
  • The Edinburgh Tree Map – An Open Data Story
    Presentation at Open Knowledge Edinburgh, Jan 2018.
  • QGIS & Edinburgh Tree Data
    Live-recorded Talk (author) for the QGIS User Group, Nov 2017.
  • The Power of Tweets
    Talk at CEH Public Engagement Workshop, Oct 2017.
  • Portals & Apps: Exploring the Future of Environmental Science
    Public Lecture for The Botanical Society of Scotland (BSS), Dec 2016.
  • How Deep Is Your Loch?  feat. The Bee Gees
    Live-recorded Talk for the QGIS User Group, Nov 2016.
  • The UK Lakes Portal & Algal Blooms App
    Presentation at the Cumbrian Lakes Forum, Oct 2016.
  • Integrating Science and Citizen Science: The UK Lakes Portal
    Presentation at SIL 2016 Conference, Torino, Aug 2016.
  • Murray & Pullar – History Re-imagined
    GIS Update Conference, University of Edinburgh, June 2016.
  • Legends of the Deep – Scottish Tales from the UK Lakes Portal
    Presentation at the 96th Scottish Freshwater Group Meeting, Apr 2016
  • Water of Life? Safeguarding Scotland’s Spirit
    GIS Update Conference, University of Edinburgh, June 2015.
The diversity of content from a couple of years' worth of talks

The diversity of content from a couple of years’ worth of talks