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Set by Cav  |  15 pts     (2019-10-15)

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1) Which South East Asian country is comprised of over 7,000 islands and was once referred to as the "Spanish East Indies"? (1 pt)  Cav:  2019-10-15

2) Also known as a Cupid's bow, what is the medical term for the cleft just above the top lip and directly under the nose? (1 pt)  Cav:  2019-10-15

3) Name the musicians pictured. (4 pts)  Cav:  2019-10-15

4) In racing, what term describes a female horse that's under 4 years of age. (1 pt)  Cav:  2019-10-15

5) What do the following have in common: Swan, Melitta, Brita and Lee. (1 pt)  Cav:  2019-10-15

6) What regional American sandwich is described as "frizzled beef, onions, in a small loaf of bread" smothered in "wiz"? (1 pt)  Cav:  2019-10-15

7) Baklava is a dessert item commonly made of chopped nuts, honey and what type of pastry? (1 pt)  Cav:  2019-10-15

8) What is the one-word title of the Ben Fold Five song starts with the lyrics, "Won't you look up at the skyline at the mortar, block, and glass and check out the reflections in my eyes?" It appeared on their debut album. (1 pt)  Cav:  2019-10-15

9) According to Wikipedia, what is "a short musical passage, riff, or rhythmic sound which helps to sustain the listener's attention during a break between the phrases of a melody." (1 pt)  Cav:  2019-10-15

10) What naturally occurring green food colorant has the E number E140? (1 pt)  Cav:  2019-10-15

11) What chain restaurant has three locations in Edinburgh — one on the royal mile, one on Rose Street, and another in the Omni Centre?) (1 pt)  Cav:  2019-10-15

12) Name this specific type of tool. (1 pt)  Cav:  2019-10-15

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