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Set by Damian  |  41 pts     (2019-09-23)

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1) Eugene Cernan was the last person to do what, on December 14th, 1972? (1 pt)  Damian:  2019-09-23

2) 'Back Into Hell' and 'The Monster Is Loose' are subtitles of albums (from 1993 and 2006, respectively) that are the second and third of a trilogy of albums that began in 1977. What is the name of the first album in the trilogy, currently listed on Wikipedia as being the 6th biggest selling album of all time? (1 pt)  Damian:  2019-09-23

3) Richard Block and David Quayle founded which British retail company in 1969 which now has over 350 branches across the country? (1 pt)  Damian:  2019-09-23

4) Which singer won the 2018 series of The X-Factor? (1 pt)  Damian:  2019-09-23

5) In which decade of the 20th century was the first Rugby Union World Cup held? And in which decade was the first Rugby League World Cup held? (2 pts)  Damian:  2019-09-23

6) Since 1900 there have been three UK Prime Ministers whose surnames begin with a vowel. (3 pts)  Damian:  2019-09-23

7) Which river - the third largest tributary of the Danube - flows through 3 European capital cities? 1 point for the name of the river and 1 point each for the capital cities it flows through. (4 pts)  Damian:  2019-09-23

8) What are the names of the 5 beaches on which the D-Day landings took place? (5 pts)  Damian:  2019-09-23

9) Martin Scorsese's 9th film starring Robert DeNiro, The Irishman, is being released on Netflix this month. Name the previous 8 movies that Scorsese and DeNiro have made together, plus a bonus two points to name them in chronological order. (10 pts)  Damian:  2019-09-23

10) Name the 13 countries of the world which the equator runs through? (13 pts)  Damian:  2019-09-23

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