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Set by Giles  |  26 pts     (2017-03-13)

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1) Kids TV! a) Name the squashy little man who appeared with Tony Hart on Take Hart? b) What is the name of Burk's master in Trapdoor? c) What was the dog called in Jamie & His Magic Torch? d) What town is Fireman Sam set in? e) Which one of the following celebrities have not guest-starred on Captain Planet? Ricki Lake, Neil Patrick Harris, Bruce Springsteen, Danny Glover. (5 pts)  Giles:  2017-03-13

2) Scot's Law - what do the following legal terms mean? a) Avizandum b) Lex loci contractus c) In hoc statu (3 pts)  Giles:  2017-03-13

3) Video games - guess the video game from the basic description: a) A plumber jumps over barrels, climbs ladders and rescues a princess from a gorilla b) Tiny dinosuars shoot coloured balls at other coloured balls c) Unnamed space marine shoots demons on Mars with a double-barrelled shotgun d) A triangle shoots pixels at irregular shapes (4 pts)  Giles:  2017-03-13

4) Secret Service codenames for US Presidents - name the President from their codename: a) Searchlight b) Mogul c) Renegade d) Rawhide (4 pts)  Giles:  2017-03-13

5) Coats of Arms - name the territory each coat of arm is associated with. Bonus point for a connection between the 4 territories. (5 pts)  Giles:  2017-03-13

6) How many popes are there? (1 pt)  Giles:  2017-03-13

7) Guess what animals I've drawn in MS Paint (drawn in one go with no corrections and no reference). NB animals are not to scale! (4 pts)  Giles:  2017-03-13

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