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Set by Ewan  |  44 pts     (2019-07-28)

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1) Lewis Capaldi is a popstar from Bathgate: a) What is his relationship to Peter Capaldi? b) Which musician is he currently involved in a public spat with? c) Which fictional character/animal did said musician recently compared him to? (3 pts)  Ewan:  2019-07-28

2) Which two of the Great Lakes could technically be known as one lake due to them being connected and water levels equalising? (2 pts)  Ewan:  2019-07-28

3) Bill Gates dropped down to the third richest person in the world recently, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, weighing in at a mere $107.3 billion: a) Who are the two people ahead of him? b) Adjusting for inflation, who is thought to have been the richest man ever? (3 pts)  Ewan:  2019-07-28

4) Quentin Tarantino is releasing his 10th film this year (that he has both written and directed). Name them. (10 pts)  Ewan:  2019-07-28

5) As of July 2019, who are the reigning champions in the "big four" american sports: American football (Superbowl), Ice Hockey (Stanley Cup), Baseball (World Series) and Basketball (NBA Finals)? (4 pts)  Ewan:  2019-07-28

6) What are the traditional UK gifts for these four milestone wedding anniversaries: 30th, 35th, 40th, 45th? (4 pts)  Ewan:  2019-07-28

7) The village of Ratho, near Edinburgh Airport, is already home to one world class sporting facility, built in an old quarry: the Edinburgh Indoor Climbing Arena. There are now plans to build another world class facility in another quarry at Ratho. What sport will it cater for? (1 pt)  Ewan:  2019-07-28

8) Maslow's Hierarchy of needs has Physiological needs (food, shelter, warmth etc) at the base. What are the four other levels in his Hierarchy? (4 pts)  Ewan:  2019-07-28

9) There are eight countries in the continent of Africa whose name begins with a vowel. Name them. (8 pts)  Ewan:  2019-07-28

10) Name the four actresses pictured below. Bonus point for the TV show that connects them all. (5 pts)  Ewan:  2019-07-28

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