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Set by Ewan  |  46 pts     (2019-04-12)

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1) (Undisputed) Countries of the World: a) What is the first country alphabetically? b) Which 3 countries begin with a unique first letter? c) Which two letters of the alphabet are not the first letter of any country? (6 pts)  Ewan:  2019-04-12

2) Murica! a) Which is the only letter not to appear in the name of any US State? b) Silicon Valley is home to some of the world's biggest companies. Alphabet inc. are one of the biggest of these. What were they called before the company 'restructuring' (basically changing their name)? c) According to McDonalds, McNuggets come in four shapes. What are the shapes? (hint: they are (alliterative with each other) shapes of things, rather than square, triangle etc) (6 pts)  Ewan:  2019-04-12

3) Game of Thrones: a) The brother of which famous singer plays Theon Greyjoy in the show? b) Part of the pilot episode was shot in which Scottish Castle? c) The show never returned to Scotland due to a lack of studio space. Which city did they end up basing filming instead? (3 pts)  Ewan:  2019-04-12

4) Game of throw-ins: What throwing sports are these the world record distances? a) 98.48m b) 86.74m c) 74.08m d) 23.12m (4 pts)  Ewan:  2019-04-12

5) What's in a name? These companies are all best known by their initials, but what do they stand for? a) BBC b) EE c) IBM d) B&Q e) LNER (5 pts)  Ewan:  2019-04-12

6) Urban rail systems: a) London has the oldest underground network in the world. Which city has the second oldest? b) What is the largest city in the UK that does not have a tram system? (2 pts)  Ewan:  2019-04-12

7) The general format of postcodes in the UK is: 2 Letters – 2/3 Numbers – 2 Letters. However, there are 8 areas which only begin with one letter (B, E, G, L, M, N, S, W). Name the areas these represent. (8 pts)  Ewan:  2019-04-12

8) Scottish Parliament: a) What year did Scotland officially regain its parliament after losing it in 1707? b) In the 5 years prior to the opening of the Scottish Parliament Building at Holyrood, where was the Scottish Parliament housed? c) Who was the only standing First Minister since then to lose an election? (3 pts)  Ewan:  2019-04-12

9) Language! We all know that the American Language is a bit wrong. But what are these American terms better known as in the UK? a) Zuchini b) Canker Sore c) Snow Pea d) Pacifier e) Utility Pole (5 pts)  Ewan:  2019-04-12

10) Picture round. Name the bond film from the scene of James with his women: (4 pts)  Ewan:  2019-04-12

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