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Set by Cav  |  29 pts     (2018-10-29)

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1) Harry Potter! In a set of stamps released this year by Royal Mail, which 4 vehicles from the Harry Potter films were given their own stamps? (4 pts)  Cav:  2018-10-29

2) Sport! Which 4 tennis players won a women's grand slam title in 2018? I've arranged their initials here (in alphabetical order) ACHKNOSW (4 pts)  Cav:  2018-10-29

3) Moons! Name the films from the butts pictured on their posters! I'll give you a hint with their decades: 1980s, 2000s, 2000s, 2010s, 2010s (5 pts)  Cav:  2018-10-29

4) Pervs! These (alleged) sex pests thought they could hide behind their stage personas. Here are their birth names. Out them! a) Allan Konigsberg b) Paul Gadd c) Louis Székely d) Kevin Fowler (4 pts)  Cav:  2018-10-29

5) News! Unscramble these phrases to uncover people who have been in the papers: a) SAILOR OR BANJO b) SLIM WHEAT LION (2 pts)  Cav:  2018-10-29

6) Spooky! Name the classic horror film based on the main figure of fear: a) Michael Myers b) Jason Voorhees c) Pennywise d) Sadako/Samara e) Norman Bates f) Pinhead g) Pazuzu/Captain Howdy (7 pts)  Cav:  2018-10-29

7) The World! Name 3 country names (as commonly used in English) that share no letters with MACKEREL! (3 pts)  Cav:  2018-10-29

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