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Set by Saskia  |  25 pts     (2018-09-21)

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1) Which runner recently broke the record for fastest marathon time? He ran it in 2:01:39; his improvement on the world record is the greatest since 1967, how much faster did he run? (1 pt)  Saskia:  2018-09-21

2) How many countries are there in a) South America b) Africa and c) Asia (3 pts)  Saskia:  2018-09-21

3) How many US states start with an M? (1 pt)  Saskia:  2018-09-21

4) Released in 2013, what was the first full original Netflix series? (1 pt)  Saskia:  2018-09-21

5) How many official working languages are there in the EU? (1 pt)  Saskia:  2018-09-21

6) a) What connects the English words, 'purple', 'month', 'silver' and 'orange'? b) what common English word (gerund or present participle) has 5 vowels in a row? (2 pts)  Saskia:  2018-09-21

7) Canada has the world's longest coastline. Which 4 other countries can claim a spot in the top 5? Bonus point if you get them in the right order. (5 pts)  Saskia:  2018-09-21

8) a) Which American chef is credited with bringing French cuisine to the American public? b) What French term describes lightly whipped, sweetened cream? c) If something is described as 'a la Normande', what alcohol does it contain? (3 pts)  Saskia:  2018-09-21

9) Which insect has the best eyesight? (1 pt)  Saskia:  2018-09-21

10) Which English journalist and novelist is best known for her book, 'How to Build a Girl' (also to be released as a film in 2019)? (1 pt)  Saskia:  2018-09-21

11) The Labour party was officially formed on 27 February of which year? (1 pt)  Saskia:  2018-09-21

12) Originating in Mexico, what is a Xoloitzcuintli? (1 pt)  Saskia:  2018-09-21

13) a) Who is the only artist to have won the Mercury Music prize twice? b) Who won the prize this year, and for what album? 3) Who was the first artist to win the prize in 1992? (4 pts)  Saskia:  2018-09-21

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