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Set by Saskia  |  39 pts     (2018-08-08)

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1) Name the (main) villain in each of these children's / teen fiction books: a) Peter Pan, J.M Barrie b) Matilda, Roald Dahl c) Watership Down, Richard Adams d) The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins e) The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, C.S. Lewis (5 pts)  Saskia:  2018-08-08

2) What are the capital cities of Zimbabwe and its neighbouring states? (5 pts)  Saskia:  2018-08-08

3) ?! or !?, used to express surprise or incredulity, is known as what? (1 pt)  Saskia:  2018-08-08

4) What do Americans call the following vegetables: aubergine, spring onion, coriander, swede, rocket? (5 pts)  Saskia:  2018-08-08

5) What piece of climbing equipment is nicknamed a crab? (1 pt)  Saskia:  2018-08-08

6) Which art or practice does topiary refer to? (1 pt)  Saskia:  2018-08-08

7) What popular wheat beer is made by the oldest, continuously operating brewery in Germany (and the world)? (1 pt)  Saskia:  2018-08-08

8) Name the title and artist of 5 weather-related songs (no covers). (5 pts)  Saskia:  2018-08-08

9) What 3 films were inspired by (i.e. fictional) the American serial killer, Ed Gein? (3 pts)  Saskia:  2018-08-08

10) World Leaders: a) There have been 6 leaders (whose reigns started in the 20th century) who were in power for over 40 years. Name 2 of them. b) Which world leaders have famously called themselves or been referred to by the following nicknames? "Mummy"; "Butcher of the Balkans"; "President for Life"; "The Great Successor". c) When was Vladamir's Putin first (two term) stint as president? d) Who is the current Prime Minister of Japan? e) Justin Trudeau's father served as Prime Minister of Canada from 1968 to 1984, what was his name? f) King Karl XVI Gustaf is the sovereign monarch of which state? g) Which president, already responsible for the death of over 4,500 suspected drug pushers, has recently vowed to continue his war on drugs? h) What is Donald Trump's middle name? (12 pts)  Saskia:  2018-08-08

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