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Set by Russell  |  31 pts     (2018-07-30)

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1) How is the disease Varicella better known? (1 pt)  Russell:  2018-07-30

2) a) People who believe Shakespeare isn't the author of his plays are known as what? b) Name 2 of the 4 men who have been theorised to eb the real author? (3 pts)  Russell:  2018-07-30

3) Name a Shakespeare play that: a) Has a woman's name in the title b) Is set in Athens c) Features Mistress Quickly d) Has a female character who practices witchcraft e) Has a ghost f) Has a film version directed by Kenneth Branagh (6 pts)  Russell:  2018-07-30

4) Name a team sport with the following numnber of players: a) 4 b) 5 c) 6 d) 7 e) 8 f) 9 g) 10 (7 pts)  Russell:  2018-07-30

5) Name the country from the car brand: a) Porsche b) Tata c) Suzuki d) Dacia e) Hyundai f) Lotus (6 pts)  Russell:  2018-07-30

6) a) In which country can people vote online? b) In which country do people vote by dropping a marble into a drum with a picture of the candidate on it? (2 pts)  Russell:  2018-07-30

7) What did Lazarus Ludwig Zamenhof invent? (1 pt)  Russell:  2018-07-30

8) Name the TV show / film from the fictitious beer: a) Duff b) Butterbeer c) Leopard Lager d) Newton and Ridley e) Lobrau (5 pts)  Russell:  2018-07-30

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