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Set by Susi  |  40 pts     (2018-05-09)

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1) Name 3 films with the word "girl" in the title and one actor each (the actor doesn't have to be the girl). (6 pts)  Susi:  2018-05-09

2) These words have made their way into German but what do they mean? a) der Smoking b) trampen c) das Handy d) tanken e) der Beamer (5 pts)  Susi:  2018-05-09

3) What does the Italian word "confetti" originally mean? (1 pt)  Susi:  2018-05-09

4) Name two common forms (shapes) of latte art. (2 pts)  Susi:  2018-05-09

5) Name any 10 of the 20 most frequently used words in the English language (different forms of a verb count as one … so "dance", "dances", "danced" would just give you one point…) (10 pts)  Susi:  2018-05-09

6) What is the smallest city (in terms of inhabitants) in a) England b) Wales c) Scotland d) Northern Ireland (4 pts)  Susi:  2018-05-09

7) What are the three most hashtagged cities in the world on Instagram? (3 pts)  Susi:  2018-05-09

8) Make the longest word you can out of these letters: ADDEEFLTU (9 pts)  Susi:  2018-05-09

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