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Set by Susi  |  39.5 pts     (2018-03-10)

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1) What was recently discovered in Australia and is considered to be the world's oldest? It's 132 years old. (1 pt)  Susi:  2018-03-10

2) a) Name someone that won a Gold medal for Germany in the 2018 Winter Olympics b) Since when are the summer and the winter Olympics held 2 years apart? (2 pts)  Susi:  2018-03-10

3) Which well-known animation studio sent a samurai sword to Harvey Weinstein a few years ago? (1 pt)  Susi:  2018-03-10

4) These words were all borrowed or derived from what language? Cashew, cobra, Labrador, Baroque (1 pt)  Susi:  2018-03-10

5) Name 1 pop song and band/artist that feature some sort of flute action (1.5 pts)  Susi:  2018-03-10

6) a) Which bird has become a symbol of devoted love, perhaps due to Biblical references and the fact that it forms strong pair bonds? b) Name a film or series by a director whose surname is derived from the name of the bird mentioned in a) (2 pts)  Susi:  2018-03-10

7) The Order of the ___________ is a Danish order of chivalry and is Denmark's highest-ranked honour. It has origins in the 15th century and is now almost exclusively used to honour royalty and heads of state. (Clue: It's an animal) (1 pt)  Susi:  2018-03-10

8) Name 3 (attributed or authored) Shakespeare comedies with a number in their title. (3 pts)  Susi:  2018-03-10

9) What are these misnamed species really? a) Irish moss b) Fisher c) Mudpuppy d) Velvet ant (4 pts)  Susi:  2018-03-10

10) Name 5 countries in Europe that are the only ones beginning with that letter (5 pts)  Susi:  2018-03-10

11) Name the colour which is usually associated with these minerals/rocks/gem stones. (Some can have various colours, choose the most common): a) Emerald b) Sapphire c) Malachite d) Amethyst e) Diamond f) Ruby g) Lapis lazuli h) Jade (8 pts)  Susi:  2018-03-10

12) Give the musical terms for these descriptions (mostly Italian): a) Without instrumental accompaniment b) Pinched, plucked (i.e. in music for bowed strings) c) An orchestral composition forming the prelude or introduction to an opera d) Alone (single instrument or voice) e) Gently f) The second lowest of the standard four voice ranges g) Vocal register above the normal voice h) Self-contained piece for one voice usually with orchestral accompaniment i) Time (the speed of a piece of music) j) Making each note brief or detached, the opposite of legato (10 pts)  Susi:  2018-03-10

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