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Set by Saskia  |  56 pts     (2018-03-03)

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1) At 2,860 km the Danube is the longest river in Europe, flowing through/touching the border of 10 countries. Name them. (10 pts)  Saskia:  2018-03-03

2) Sports! In which sports would you (primarily) hear these terms being used? (bonus points if you can roughly describe what they mean): to bonk; to nutmeg; to catch a crab. (3 pts)  Saskia:  2018-03-03

3) Name the following 'ologies': a) The study of books, printing and publishing b) The study of hearing c) The study of trees d) The study or contemplation of clouds e) The study of the nose and its diseases f) The study of poo! g) The study of illness h) The study of birds i) The study of sleep j) The study of games and play (10 pts)  Saskia:  2018-03-03

4) Channel your high school biology lessons and label this diagram of a flower. (12 pts)  Saskia:  2018-03-03

5) History! World wars: a) What was the codename given to the German invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941? b) The battle of Verdun was the largest and longest (February - December 1918) battle of the first world war, it was also the bloodiest. What was the estimated death toll? (2 pts)  Saskia:  2018-03-03

6) Second best: these pictures of the second largest cities in their respective countries. Descramble the letters to name the cities. Hint: there's a country from 6 of the 7 continents. (6 pts)  Saskia:  2018-03-03

7) A Sarcastic Fringehead, a Slippery Dick and a Slimehead are all what? (1 pt)  Saskia:  2018-03-03

8) The 90s! What decade to be alive! What year did the following songs first appear in the British charts? (all were in the top 20. There's a song for each year, 1990-1999): a) The Spice girls - Wannabe b) Ace of Base - All that she wants c) Britney Spears - Hit me baby one more time d) Celine Dion - My heart will go on e) Blur - Country house f) Vanilla Ice - Ice, Ice, Baby g) Michael Jackson - Black or White h) No Doubt - Don't Speak i) Whitney Houston - I will always love you j) Enigma - Return to Innocence (10 pts)  Saskia:  2018-03-03

9) What was the biggest grossing movie released in 2017? (1 pt)  Saskia:  2018-03-03

10) Former president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, was forced to stand down in February 2018. Who succeeded him? (1 pt)  Saskia:  2018-03-03

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