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Set by Jack  |  32 pts     (2017-02-10)

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1) Who is the youngest ever winner of a senior title at Wimbledon? (1 pt)  Jack:  2017-02-10

2) What are the two collective nouns you can use to describe a group of apes? (2 pts)  Jack:  2017-02-10

3) Name the only two U.S. presidents to have been impeached (so far!) (2 pts)  Jack:  2017-02-10

4) Fender have produced three guitars with names ending in the suffix -caster. Name any TWO. (2 pts)  Jack:  2017-02-10

5) Which countries have the longest and shortest coastlines in the world? (2 pts)  Jack:  2017-02-10

6) There are six Charles Dickens characters who have their FULL name appear in the title of the novel in which they feature. Name any THREE. (3 pts)  Jack:  2017-02-10

7) Name the only two people to have been awarded Nobel prizes in different fields. (2 pts)  Jack:  2017-02-10

8) The pictured athletes won their gold medals in which events at the London 2012 Olympics? 2 bonus points for the specific subdivions of two events. (6 pts)  Jack:  2017-02-10

9) These are the original names of which hugely successful bands? To give you a clue, I have included the year they released their debut album. a) Seymour (1991) b) The Polka Tulk Blues Band (1970) c) On A Friday (1993) d) Tony Flow and the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem (1984) (4 pts)  Jack:  2017-02-10

10) Name the four Bond villains pictured AND the actors portraying them. (8 pts)  Jack:  2017-02-10

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