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1) A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal, "ABQ", "Fly", "Hermanos" and "Say My Name" are all epsiode titles, one from each season in order, of which popular US TV show which concluded in 2013? (1 pt)  Martin:  2017-11-20

2) In the beginning, there was nothing in the universe except a formless chaos. This chaos coalesced into a cosmic egg for about 18,000 years. Within it, two perfectly opposed principles became balanced, and Pangu emerged (or woke up) from the egg. Pangu is usually depicted as a primitive, hairy giant who has horns on his head and wears fur. Pangu began creating the world: he separated the two principles with a swing of his giant axe, creating the Earth and the Sky. To keep them separated, Pangu stood between them and pushed up the Sky. With each day, the sky grew ten feet higher, the Earth ten feet thicker, and Pangu ten feet taller. This task took yet another 18,000 years. In some versions of the story, Pangu is aided in this task by the four most prominent beasts [names redacted!]. This passage is one of the creation myths of which country? (1 pt)  Martin:  2017-11-20

3) What are the national sports of the following countries? (Note that some of these are enshrined in law and others de facto - I'm going by Wikipedia here!) a) Scotland b) England c) Ireland d) Wales e) Brazil f) Canada g) South Korea h) Lithuania (8 pts)  Martin:  2017-11-20

4) Released in March 2017 which album debuted at number one in the United Kingdom, selling 672,000 units in its first week, making it the fastest-selling album by a male artist there and the third-highest opening behind Adele's 25 and Oasis' Be Here Now? The dominance of its tracks on the UK chart led to calls for change on how the singles chart is compiled, and the Official Charts Company then introduced new rules limiting tracks eligible for entry in the top 100 to three per main artist. Artist and album title for the points. (2 pts)  Martin:  2017-11-20

5) FFFFFFOOTBAAAAAAALLLLL!!!! 32 teams have now qualified for the 2018 World Cup. Can you name me some of the qualifying teams from each of the following regions: a) Europe x 6 b) South America x 2 c) North, Central America and Caribbean x 1 d) Asia x 2 e) Africa x 2 (13 pts)  Martin:  2017-11-20

6) In 2015, the internet company Google restructured so that it is now owned by the parent company Alphabet. For a point each, what is Google's company slogan and what is Alphabet's watered-down company slogan? (2 pts)  Martin:  2017-11-20

7) The following films were nominated this year for an Oscar at the Academy Awards: Deepwater Horizon, Doctor Strange, The Jungle Book, Kubo and the Two Strings, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. What was the category, and which film won? (2 pts)  Martin:  2017-11-20

8) In the UK drugs are controlled by The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 which sets out three separate categories of severity: Class A, Class B, and Class C. Please name: a) Any 3 drugs in Class A b) Any 2 drugs in Class B c) Any 1 drug in Class C (6 pts)  Martin:  2017-11-20

9) Picture round, what links the names of the 6 people in this picture? (Tips: One of these people I doubt anyone will have ever even heard of, and another is not even spelled correctly! However I hope it's still work-out-able...) (1 pt)  Martin:  2017-11-20

10) What are each of these phrase mnemonics trying to help us remember? You don't have to give me each thing in the lists, just a description of what is being listed for each: a) Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain b) Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally c) King Philip Cuts Open Five Green Snakes d) Mean Very Evil Men Just Shortened Up Nature e) Every Average Dude Gets Better Eventually f) God's Eternal Love Never Dies (6 pts)  Martin:  2017-11-20

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