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Set by Martin  |  42 pts     (2017-09-06)

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1) What word links the following: Blue screens, Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg, and rhinoceroses? (1 pt)  Martin:  2017-09-06

2) The following fictional plants appear in which works of fiction? a) Piranha Plant b) Treebeard c) Yggdrasil d) Audrey II e) Kite-Eating Tree (5 pts)  Martin:  2017-09-06

3) Name the 6 players (as of 06/09/2017) in either the ATP (men's) or WTA (women's) top 20 world tennis rankings with surnames beginning with K. (6 pts)  Martin:  2017-09-06

4) Morning Glory, a Kelvin-Helmholtz instability, a Fallstreak hole, Diamond Dust, and a Brocken spectre are all examples of what? (1 pt)  Martin:  2017-09-06

5) Please see the attached image and name all the cool sea creatures therein! (5 pts)  Martin:  2017-09-06

6) According to the Forbes list of The World's Biggest Public Companies 2017 the top 8 biggest public companies in the world are all in the same industry. For one point, what industry are they all in? And for a bonus point which UK company (also the same type of business) was for a brief time in 2009 top of the list (by both assets and liabilities), now languishing in 500th place overall? (2) (2 pts)  Martin:  2017-09-06

7) Which poem's famous opening lines read: "They fuck you up, your mum and dad. They may not mean to, but they do." Name the poet and title of the poem. (2 pts)  Martin:  2017-09-06

8) Since 1900, which 5 states have been added to the United States of America? (5 pts)  Martin:  2017-09-06

9) For each of the following lists of subsidiary characters, name the TV programme in which they appear: a) Carl Carlson, Gil Gunderson, Herman Hermann, Lenny Leonard, and Dr. Marvin Monroe b) Burger World Manager (aka "The Manager Dude"), Daniel Butkis, Mr. Dick Gaylord, Captain Dick Jackman, Principal McVicker c) Bubbles, Tommy Carcetti, Howard "Bunny" Colvin, Bunk Moreland, and Frank Sobotka d) Agrajag, Deep Thought, Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz, Slartibartfast, and Trillian e) The Ants, Mammy Two-Shoes, Muscles, Spike, and Toots (5 pts)  Martin:  2017-09-06

10) Music Round! For the following 10 songs what is the first word sung or spoken in the lyrics? a) Manic Street Preachers - A Design For Life b) Massive Attack - Teardrop c) Nina Simone - Feeling Good d) Cake - The Distance e) Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit f) The Smiths - This Charming Man g) Madonna - Like A Prayer h) The Cranberries - Zombie i) Placebo - Nancy Boy j) Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (10 pts)  Martin:  2017-09-06

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