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1) Built between 1297 and 1300 by carpenter Walter of Durham, the St Edwards Chair is the oldest piece of English furniture by a known artist. It was built to contain an artefact which weighed 152 kg and was taken from Scotland as spoils of war in 1296. What artefact was the chair built to contain? (1 pt)  Giles:  2017-07-14

2) Here's a rhyme which points out the differences in pronunciation of the word 'Scone': I asked the maid in dulcet tone ? To order me a buttered scone / The silly girl has been and gone / And ordered me a buttered scone. According to a 1998 survey by University College London, what percentage of Scots pronounce 'Scone' to rhyme with 'Gone'? 2 points to anyone that gets it right, or 1 for being +/- 10. (2 pts)  Giles:  2017-07-14

3) What is the difference between Devon & Cornwall style cream teas? A bonus point for assigning the differences to the correct counties. (2 pts)  Giles:  2017-07-14

4) What was Mr T's occupation before he became an actor? (1 pt)  Giles:  2017-07-14

5) The song "Eye of the tiger" by Survivor was written by the band specifically as the theme for Rocky III after being commissioned to do so by writer/director/actor Sylvester Stallone. Stallone had originally planned to use another song as the theme, but was refused permission by the artist. What song/band did he originally have in mind? (2 pts)  Giles:  2017-07-14

6) In Sunderbans in Bangladesh, residents were regularly being attacked from behind by tigers. What novel solution did they use to prevent these attacks? (1 pt)  Giles:  2017-07-14

7) Which character from a 1994 film does the queen look like here? (1 pt)  Giles:  2017-07-14

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