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Set by Martin  |  50 pts     (2017-06-20)

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1) Which Mozart opera features a woodwind instrument in the title? (1 pt)  Martin:  2017-06-20

2) In UK thoroughbred horse racing a horse length, or simply length, describes the distance between horses in a race. What are the 7 subdivisions into which 1 length is usually broken down? (7 pts)  Martin:  2017-06-20

3) The Olympic-class ocean liners were a trio of British ocean liners built by the Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast for the White Star Line during the early 20th century. All three were designed to be the largest and most luxurious passenger ships in the world. What were their names? (Hint: They all end with the same 2 letters!) (3 pts)  Martin:  2017-06-20

4) Pup Parade, Simply Smiffy, Plug and Singled Out are spin-off comics from which British comic book strip which was first published in the 1950s? (1 pt)  Martin:  2017-06-20

5) Baseball, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Golf, Squash, Tennis, Volleyball a) Rank these sports in ascending order of the size of the balls used to play them. You'll get a point for each correctly positioned ball and a bonus point for the perfect order. b) Now do the same for the weights of each ball. (18 pts)  Martin:  2017-06-20

6) a) What are the 2 national capitals in the world named after US Presidents? B) Name the 4 US State capitals named after US Presidents? Capital and country/state please! (6 pts)  Martin:  2017-06-20

7) If you converted the titles of Shakespeare's plays into their UK Scrabble tile word-values, which play would score the highest, and which play would score the lowest? NB Letter values: (1 point)-A, E, I, O, U, L, N, S, T, R. (2 points)-D, G. (3 points)-B, C, M, P. (4 points)-F, H, V, W, Y. (5 points)-K. (8 points)- J, X. (10 points)-Q, Z. Example: "Henry V" would score 15 points in Scrabble-terms (H=4, E=1, N=1, R=1, Y=4, V=4) (2 pts)  Martin:  2017-06-20

8) Audrey Horne, Bobby Briggs, Dale Cooper, Leland Palmer and Shelly Johnson are all returning characters in which US TV show which returned for a third season in May 2017 after a 25 year absence? (1 pt)  Martin:  2017-06-20

9) According to the 2010 census, what are the 5 most populous cities/towns in Russia? (5 pts)  Martin:  2017-06-20

10) Please read the following doctor's notes of an obstetric medical scenario: A attended labour ward with symptoms including a gush of fluid suggesting an . A speculum and was performed which confirmed the diagnosis. A confirmed the baby was well. She returned the following day for . She went on to have an of a live male infant. For each highlighted medical term/acronym in the text (the 6 sections contained in <> brackets) translate the term/acronym for a point each. (Tip: Watch out for the indefinite articles, they would be used like "a UV light" rather than "an UV light", even though "a ultraviolet light" sounds weird if-you-see-what-I-mean...) (6 pts)  Martin:  2017-06-20

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