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Set by Russell  |  38 pts     (2017-06-05)

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1) The world's largest carnivorous plant is big enough to trap small mammals, but rarely does. What does it mostly trap instead? (1 pt)  Russell:  2017-06-05

2) Which 6 modern nations in Africa were once German colonies (or part of)? (6 pts)  Russell:  2017-06-05

3) Name the Roald Dahl Characters: a) A man with an unusual speech impediment meaning occassionally he says words backwards b) His parents were eaten by a rhinocerous c) He lived in the biggest, brownest, muddiest river in Africa. (3 pts)  Russell:  2017-06-05

4) Alex Honold was in the news this week for climbing which US landmark? (1 pt)  Russell:  2017-06-05

5) Castoreum, which is used as vanilla flavoring in candies, is made from a secretion from the anal glands of what animal? (1 pt)  Russell:  2017-06-05

6) Code talkers refers to people who assited the allies with secret communication during wartime. What family of languages did code-talkers mostly speak? (1 pt)  Russell:  2017-06-05

7) Name the musical instruments: (4 pts)  Russell:  2017-06-05

8) In which sport are some players referred to as a 'Chinaman' because of the style of play? (1 pt)  Russell:  2017-06-05

9) What geographical features/landmarks do the following refer to in place names: a) Inver as in Inverness b) Kin as in Kinloch Leven c) Dun as un Dundee d) Wick as in Lerwick e) Ard as in Ardgarten (5 pts)  Russell:  2017-06-05

10) There are 15 national flags with weapons on them - how many can you name? (15 pts)  Russell:  2017-06-05

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