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Set by Giles  |  18 pts     (2017-05-16)

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1) Which of the following was not a BBC news magazine article headline this month? "The penguins that would not explode", "The horse that saved his own life by painting", "Frantic mum buys huge amount of potato waffles after shock announcement" (1 pt)  Giles:  2017-05-16

2) What is the link between these 4 cars? Name the owner of each. (5 pts)  Giles:  2017-05-16

3) If an American holds up their hand like this, and points to the highlighted area, which city are they pointing out? (1 pt)  Giles:  2017-05-16

4) What vehicle is this part of? (1 pt)  Giles:  2017-05-16

5) What was unusual about the winner of the 2009 Chelsea Flower Show's "peoples' choice" award for best small garden, which was created by James May, Chris Collins, Jane McAdam Freud, Julian Fullalove and around 2000 members of the public? (1 pt)  Giles:  2017-05-16

6) Jack is looking at Anne, but Anne is looking at George. Jack is married, but George is not. Is a married person looking at an unmarried person? a: Yes b: No c: Cannot be determined? (1 pt)  Giles:  2017-05-16

7) Since 1900, three UK Governments have fallen as a result of votes of no confidence. Who were the Prime Ministers leading the governments which lost these votes? (3pts) (3 pts)  Giles:  2017-05-16

8) The following songs refer to couples in their lyrics - name the couples (3pts) a) Living on a prayer - Bon Jovi b) Ob la di - The Beatles c) Waterloo sunset - The Kinks (3 pts)  Giles:  2017-05-16

9) Which company has been heavily criticised for cultural misappropriation this week after launching a 1500 'fashion boomerang'? (1 pt)  Giles:  2017-05-16

10) Whose house? (1 pt)  Giles:  2017-05-16

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