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Set by Susi  |  54 pts     (2017-04-30)

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1) Name 5 closes that lead off the Royal Mile) (They don't have to have the word close in their name.) (5 pts)  Susi:  2017-04-30

2) Name 3 actors that have won the Oscar for Best Actor at least twice. (3 pts)  Susi:  2017-04-30

3) These are the scientific names for which animals? a) caelifera b) canis rufus c) diplopoda d) gallus gallus e) hippocampus f) ovis aries g) vulpes vulpes h) sus scrofa scrofa (8 pts)  Susi:  2017-04-30

4) What are the origins and meanings of following names? (Sometimes there is a bit of debate where a name comes from, but 1 language and 1 meaning per name is enough for me.) a) Philip b) Ewan c) Alistair/Alisdair d) Martin e) Saskia f) Susanne g) Giles h) Adam i) Huw j) Russell (20 pts)  Susi:  2017-04-30

5) Name 8 countries that have a capital starting with the same letter as the country. (8 pts)  Susi:  2017-04-30

6) Bansuri, Palendag and Washint are different kinds of ______________? (1 pt)  Susi:  2017-04-30

7) Name the bands that won the Mercury (Music) Prize in these years. To make it a bit easier, I give you the first letter of the bands. (Half a point if you mix up the P ones) a) 1992 P________ b) 1993 S________ c) 1994 M_______ d) 1995 P________ e) 1996 P________ (5 pts)  Susi:  2017-04-30

8) What are the original titles of the films that had following titles in Germany? a) "Long Walk Home" b) "96 hours" c) "Vaiana" d) "Thor - The Dark Kingdom" (4 pts)  Susi:  2017-04-30

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