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Set by Huw  |  27 pts     (2017-04-03)

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1) What were the most popular boys and girls baby names registered in Scotland in: a) 2016? b) 1983? (4 pts)  Huw:  2017-04-03

2) Which 2 Zimbabwean cricketers wore black armbands in the 2003 World cup to 'mourn the death of Democracy in Zimbabwe'. (One went on to be an international coach, the other released an Album 'Aurelia' in 2006) (2 pts)  Huw:  2017-04-03

3) Name the comedians who won the Edinburgh Comedy Award (originally the Perrier Award but has gone on to have a load of different sponsors) with the following shows. (Year won in Brackets): a) The Pub Landlord (1999) b) Something (2003) c) The Naked Racist (2006) d) The Slutcracker (2009) e) Monkey See Monkey Do (2016) (5 pts)  Huw:  2017-04-03

4) These are the 2015 UN population projections, showing the estimated population of 5 countries (in millions of people) which have the largest populations in 2015. Which countries are projected to have the largest populations in 2050? 1 China 1376, 2 India 1311, 3 USA 322, 4 Indonesia 258, 5 Brazil 208. 2050 projections: a) 1705 b) 1348 c) 399 d) 389 e) 322 (5 pts)  Huw:  2017-04-03

5) The highest mountains get all the glory - but what about those in second place. What is the second highest mountain in: a) The World? b) Europe? c) The UK? We're using the standard definition of European mountains here - so the highest is Mt Elbrus in the Caucasus range. (3 pts)  Huw:  2017-04-03

6) Name the 3 highest point scorers in the history of the Six Nations - and it's previous incarnation as the 5 nations. (3 pts)  Huw:  2017-04-03

7) The 'Spiel des Jahres' is an award for board and card games, created in 1978 with the stated purpose of rewarding excellence in game design, and promoting top-quality games in the German market. Since Settlers of Catan won the prize in 1995 there have been 21 winners of the main award. Name any 5. (5 pts)  Huw:  2017-04-03

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