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Set by Phil  |  36 pts     (2019-06-25)

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1) a) Which company is known for products such as A, B, C, S, EX and Atmos? b) Peter & Svend gave their surnames to which high-end comsumer electronics company? (2 pts)  Phil:  2019-06-25

2) Pei Pei Zhu is the name for which cartoon character when shown in China? Its relevance/popularity this year is partly down to the Chinese Zodiac. (1 pt)  Phil:  2019-06-25

3) ~Homophonic, but different, surnames (spelling essential): a) Main Actor in the film series Mission: Impossible b) Second Row rugby player for Saracens / England c) A Terry playing a Terry in Brooklyn Nine Nine d) Female lead in Abre los Ojos (Open Your Eyes) (4 pts)  Phil:  2019-06-25

4) These word-pairs differ by one letter being added (shortest word first). E.g. Born / Boron. Name each - one point per word: a) A garden ornament / The genetic material of an organism b) The common name for several species of fish who mostly hatch in freshwater then migratie to the ocean / A French sports equipment brand. c) A two-beat diagonal gait of a horse / A pack of cards used in the occult (3 pts)  Phil:  2019-06-25

5) Geoffrey, Count of Anjou gave his nickname to a House of English monarchs. A popular theory suggests this name came from the Common Broom (a shrub) known in Latin as Planta Genista. What was the House called? (1 pt)  Phil:  2019-06-25

6) a) In the First Folio of Shakespeare Plays, only 5 have one word names - what are they? (no subsequent plays attributed to Shakespeare would make this list, either way) b) His plays are generally classified into 3 groups (categories starting with C, H & T) - what category do all the one-word plays fall into? (Full category name, not just the letter) (6 pts)  Phil:  2019-06-25

7) Twitter Special: I asked people to submit name-blended animals (ideally, poorly-photoshopped), i.e. Swan + Anaconda = Swanaconda. Name the animal pairs (1 point per animal). (6 pts)  Phil:  2019-06-25

8) a) Major releases on the Android mobile operating system are named after consecutive alphabetical sweet items (types of candy, biscuits etc). Name the 6 releases from J-O. b) Mac OS X versions from 10.0 to 10.8 were all named after what type of animal? (7 pts)  Phil:  2019-06-25

9) a) Mont St Michel is a Monastic island in France that has a copycat Norman priory in Penzance known by what similar English name? b) Its name in the local language is Karrek Loos yn Koos - what language is this? c) The Pirates of Penzance is a comic opera by Gilbert & Sullivan. Viz Magazine ran a comic strip humourously-named after it featuring pirates in a man's underwear - what 5 word name did it go by? (3 pts)  Phil:  2019-06-25

10) a) All planets of the Solar System (except Earth) and most moons are named from characters from which two (related) sources? b) The moons of Uranus are an exception - they are named after literary characters from which two people? They are the number 1 & 2 most-frequently quoted writers in the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations. (3 pts)  Phil:  2019-06-25

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