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Set by Ali  |  41 pts     (2018-10-09)

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1) James Anderson recently overtook whom to become the leading fast bowling Test wicket taker of all-time? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-10-09

2) What hyphenated two-word phrase is given in film and television, to a scene in which a future romantic couple encounter each other for the first time? The first word is a noun meaning 'encounter' and the second is an adjective each of the couple might use to describe the other. (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-10-09

3) Commonly found in pro-EU Twitter users' profile names, what does #FBPE stand for? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-10-09

4) Which 4 European countries drive on the left? Which 2 neighbouring South American countries drive on the left? (6 pts)  Ali:  2018-10-09

5) Name the 5 countries with one-syllable names (in English) (5 pts)  Ali:  2018-10-09

6) Spell the following seven very similar words or phrases. Apostrophes must be correctly located. a) Principles or beliefs, especially the main principles of a religion or philosophy b) Two short of a dozen arrangements of squares that can be folded up to form a cube c) Belonging to those who occupy property rented from a landlord d) A decade of Formicidae e) 'Scotland's Favourite Pint' of lager f) Treebeard, Beechbone, Bregalad, Fimbrethil, Finglas, Fladrif, plus 4 others from The Lord of the Rings g) Actor David, Pet Shop Boys member Neil, and cyclist Andy (7 pts)  Ali:  2018-10-09

7) Harry Potter round: a) What are Harry Potter's parents' names? The pictured person with initials LJ has his mother's first name as her first name and his father's first name as her last name. b) Dumbledore is an Old English word for what type of insect? c) Sirius Black and Fred Weasley were both doing what when they died? They have this in common with certain victims of a Batman villain, some Germans in a Monty Python sketch, and (in real life) sometimes people suffering from the disease kuru. d) What non-word formed by adding 'ing' to a noun is used to refer to the violent conflicts arising from the Death Eaters revolts against the Ministry of Magic? e) How many players are there on each side in Quidditch (and Ultimate Frisbee)? f) What are these anagrammed alternative names for Lord Voldemort? i) I'M TODDLER or, including his middle name, I AM LORD VOLDEMORT ii) OO WOW HUNKY iii) DEMON MOUTH HEWN BEAST iv) DORK LARD g) What are the animals associated with each of the four houses Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin? The following are examples of taxonomic names of each: Panthera leo, Meles meles, Aquila chrysaetos, Vipera berus (14 pts)  Ali:  2018-10-09

8) In the pictured map, the pins mark three UK towns / cities which share their names with US state capitals. Name the places and the states of which they are the capitals. (6 pts)  Ali:  2018-10-09

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