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Set by Ali  |  50 pts     (2018-07-14)

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1) Every little helps is the slogan of which UK supermarket? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

2) What parade in Glasgow will be led by Nicola Sturgeon this weekend? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

3) What is the limit on characters in a tweet, since the change was rolled out from September 2017? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

4) What activity is commonly preceded in many countries around the world by saying the word 'health'? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

5) Who has been involved in the two longest tennis matches ever at the Wimbledon Championships, one lasting 11h05m, the other 6h36m? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

6) In which London venue are the Proms predominantly held? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

7) Who coined the word 'meme' in a 1976 book about evolution to explain the way cultural information spreads? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

8) What drug, subsequently nicknamed 'Pfizer Riser' was originally tested as a cardiovascular drug for its ability to lower blood pressure? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

9) What is the name of the lemon variety whose oil is used to flavour earl grey tea? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

10) Name the theocratic republic that takes over the government of the USA in the novel and TV series The Handmaid's Tale? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

11) What is the UK's biggest national park? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

12) Sonata, Furore, Elsanta and Seneca are all varieties of which fruit? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

13) Which comedy TV show started on Channel 4's "mash up night" in 2012 and has gone on to have 15 series? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

14) What is the name of the UK's new Brexit secretary? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

15) Which musical instrument is a term which denotes the whole family of similar plucked-keyboard instruments (including virginals, muselar, and spinet) and was widely used in Renaissance and Baroque music, gradually disappeared from the musical scene with the rise of the piano? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

16) Which country took a clean sweep of the 50km mass start cross-country skiing event at the Sochi olympics? The International Ski Federation subsequently provisionally suspended two of them, after they were linked to doping violations during the olympics. (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

17) What number is associated with the number of sheets in a ream, and the Roman numeral D? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

18) What word is: an aura of plasma that surrounds the Sun and other stars, a beer brand and an Italian eurodance act responsible for 1993 hit "The Rhythm Of The Night”? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

19) Due to historical links, Marks & Spencer stocks many items of clothing and food produce from which country? As a result it is frequently the target of 'ethical boycotting'. (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

20) Donald Glover, AKA Childish Gambino, writes, directs and stars in which comedy-drama series named for the south-east US city in which it is set? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

21) What word means a statue, building, or other structure erected to commemorate a notable person or event, and is also used to describe any of the five biggest one-day races in road cycling? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

22) What is the capital of Haiti? The first two syllables are a homophone of a European city which is the second largest in its country. (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

23) Former British #2 male tennis player Aljaz Bedene now plays for which country, his country of birth, having switched in 2017? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

24) The founder of Beavertown Brewery is the son of the singer in which English rock band, active from the late 60s to the early 80s? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

25) On July 1st, Andrés Manuel López Obrador was elected president of which country, the first president for 30 years to win an outright majority there? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

26) What is the name given to the measure of an element's combining power with other atoms when it forms chemical compounds or molecules? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

27) Bruxism is a disorder that affects which part of the body? It typically occurs during sleep. (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

28) What feat links tennis players Lukas Rosol, Steve Darcis, Nick Kyrgios and Dustin Brown, all ranked 100th in the world or worse at the time? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

29) The Alejandro Amenábar film 'Abre Los Ojos was remade in English under which title, directed by Cameron Crowe? Both versions starred Penelope Cruz. (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

30) Which transnational food and drink company is the parent company of Italian drinks brand San Pellegrino? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

31) The improv theater troupe Second City is from which US city? Its alumni include Bill Murray, John Candy, Dan Aykroyd, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, and Aidy Bryant. (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

32) What is the name given to a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another? It is the Russia for 'little matron'. It is also the name of a video container format that uses the file extension .mkv, referring to the concept of nested dolls. (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

33) Which country has won the most Nobel Prizes for literature? The UK and the USA are joint second on 11 wins each. (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

34) De Profundis (Latin: "from the depths") is a letter written by whom during his imprisonment in Reading Gaol? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

35) What mountain in the Alps did Chris Froome partially run up in the 2016 Tour de France? It is not named for the French for windy, although it sounds like it, and would be appropriate. (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

36) There are only 5 so-called Platonic solids (regular, convex polyhedra): the tetrahedron (4 faces), the cube (6 faces), the octahedron (8 faces), the dodecahedron (12 faces) and the icosahedron. How many faces does an icosahedron have? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

37) What two-word phrase begins the titles of two BBC Radio comedy shows, one having grown out of the other, with the original series being the launchpad for The Goodies and one of the origins of Monty Python? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

38) What is the name of Jupiter's largest moon, the largest moon and the 9th biggest body in the solar system? In Greek mythology he was a divine hero whose homeland was Troy. (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

39) IB refers to an educational foundation, its certifications and programmes. What does IB stand for? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

40) The CSS box model is a box that wraps around every HTML element. It consists of borders, padding, content and which other part of an HTML element? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

41) Which band's first five album covers are described as follows: a) A portion of the torso of a man with a rose tattoo on his arm and wearing a necklace with a cross on it b) A person with a hand holding their head, which has three roses instead of a face c) A Jenny Saville triptych d) A light blue background with a white panel with the name of the album and band, and three square panels below, with each band member in. e) The three band members wearing white, standing on a sandy plain under a very blue sky (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

42) Who is the only person to have presented two different uk tv programmes, each for over 20 years? In the case of one of the programmes, this presenter took over from someone who himself had presented it for over 20 years. (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

43) Joseph James DeAngelo was recently arrested, suspected of being notorious serial killer the Golden State Killer. Key information on the case was discovered by now deceased Michelle McNamara, who had been investigating it in an unofficial capacity for a book. Her husband was which comedian, known amongst other things for being the voice of Ratatouille and co-star with Charlize Theron of Young Adult. (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

44) Who is the current Children's Laureate? She is known for being the author / illustrator of the Charlie & Lola books. (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

45) What is this list of numbers? 28, 24, 25, 30, 30, 48, 40, 31, 26, 37, 25, 30.5, 55, 50, 35, 54, 37, 18, 37, 37, 25, 50, 61, 36, 20, 9, 27, 47, 39, 44.5, 45, 42, 49, 30, 21, 38, 18.5, 27, 52, 50, 40, 52, 42, 43, 45, 61, 46, 50 (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

46) What is the name of this piece of art by Marcel Duchamp? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

47) Name the region of Spain highlighted on this map of its provinces. (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

48) What is the name of this statue that overlooks Rio de Janeiro? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

49) What is the name of this plant genus? It is commonly called Peruvian lily or lily of the Incas. (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

50) Which comedian is depicted here? She has won multiple awards for her debut BBC Radio 4 series, _____ Minds the Gap (her name fills the blank)? (1 pt)  Ali:  2018-07-14

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