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1) Name the following sitcoms by the descriptions of their episode titles: a) Mostly begin 'The One With' b) Mostly begin 'My' c) ' and ' (series 3) d) Song titles from Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Rolling Stones, and Queen (season 5 onwards) (hint: think about when these bands were around) e) Mostly begin 'The Gang' Bonus non-sitcom: f) A day number and a time period (6 pts)  Ali:  2018-05-19

2) In this year's commonwealth games, six countries won their first ever commonwealth games medals. What are the six countries (they do not need to be given in order)? The countries in question have the flags pictured, in alphabetical order (top-left, top-right, middle-left, middle-right, bottom-left, bottom-right). The medals were: A bronze won by Jenly Tegu Wini in the women's 58 kg weightlifting event. A bronze won by Taiki Paniani and Aidan Zittersteijn in the men's pairs lawn bowls event. A bronze won by para athlete Friana Kwevira in the women's javelin throw (F46) event. A bronze won by Thea LaFond in the women's triple jump event, then a few days later a silver medal won by Yordanys Duranona Garcia in the men's triple jump event. A gold medal won by Kyron McMaster in the men's 400m hurdles event. A gold medal won by Levern Spencer in the women's high jump event. (6 pts)  Ali:  2018-05-19

3) Name the film, given the author of the novel it was adapted from and the director: a) Anthony Burgess; Stanley Kubrick (1971) b) Michael Crichton; Steven Spielberg (1993) c) Mario Puzo; Francis Ford Coppola (1972) d) Michael Ondaatje; Anthony Minghella (1996) e) Annie Proulx; Ang Lee (2005) f) Philip K Dick; Ridley Scott (1982) g) Jeffrey Eugenides; Sofia Coppola (1999) h) Susan Orleans; Spike Jonze (2002) (8 pts)  Ali:  2018-05-19

4) Name the following coffee related victuals: a) Espresso then hot water b) Hot water then espresso c) More concentrated espresso d) Espresso then steamed milk e) Espresso then steamed milk and foam f) Steamed milk and foam then espresso g) Espresso poured on vanilla ice cream h) Espresso, hot milk and chocolate (8 pts)  Ali:  2018-05-19

5) Name the 8 US states whose demonym ends 'er'. (Note Hawaii uses Islander, but it does not have a United States Government Publishing Office recommended official demonym) (8 pts)  Ali:  2018-05-19

6) a) What words defined as follows have no English rhymes? i) An ordinal number (several acceptable answers) ii) (Especially of food, money, or some other resource) insufficient for the demand iii) (Of a sharp pointed object) having gone into or through something iv) The distance from the top or surface to the bottom of something b) What pairs of words defined as follows have only each other as English (2 syllable, whole-word) rhymes? To help a bit, the first word defined in each pair comes before the second in the alphabet. i) The words in part A, for example; not affected by changes in fashion ii) An eccentric person; the maximum prize iii) Facial feature; (of art) intellectual iv) Criminal; fruit v) Fighting; marsupial vi) Ethereal; in the majority of cases vii) A (usually small) amount of something; melodic viii) Really bad; never being bad (within some defined parameters) (12 pts)  Ali:  2018-05-19

7) Of the 8 English mayoral regions covering more than one local authority area (most of which are 'metropolitan areas'), which four have Labour party mayors? (Basically just looking for 4 English cities here) (4 pts)  Ali:  2018-05-19

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