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Set by Steve  |  38 pts     (2017-02-20)

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1) Name the countries that these four celebrities were born: a) Ex-Mrs Pressley Victoria Principal b) Ex-Mrs Cruise Nicole Kidman c) TV stalwart Joanna Lumley d) Former Ipswich footballer Terry Butcher (4 pts)  Steve:  2017-02-20

2) Name these trees from their Latin names:- a) Salix Babylonica b) Betula Pendula c) Quercus d) Malus Pumila (4 pts)  Steve:  2017-02-20

3) Who is the missing singer in the 'classic; line-up of these bands ? (points for the member and band name): a) Robin Finck, Danny Lohner, Chris Vrenna, _______ b) Mikey Craig, Roy Hay, Jon Moss, _______ c) Duke Erikson, Steve Marker, Butch Vig, ________ d) Tim Burgess, Michael Chetwood, Paul Jackson, Dean Howard, Ronnie Rogers, _______ (8 pts)  Steve:  2017-02-20

4) What were the biggest selling singles (artist and song title) of 2016, and the year 1973? (4 pts)  Steve:  2017-02-20

5) Name the four original Alan Moore graphic novels turned into movies (4 pts)  Steve:  2017-02-20

6) Name the ten teams still in the FA Cup as of the evening of 19/02/17. ( pts)  Steve:  2017-02-20

7) What's the name given to the joint of a horse between the cannon bone and the pastern. (1 pt)  Steve:  2017-02-20

8) In which town or city are these music venues? a) The Sage b) Liquid Rooms c) King Tut's Wah Wah Hut d) Underworld e) Band on the Wall (5 pts)  Steve:  2017-02-20

9) Name any 7 of China's 14 neighbouring countries. (7 pts)  Steve:  2017-02-20

10) What links these people? In order: Sandy Brown, Jimmy Dimmock, Terry Dyson, Danny Blanchflower, Frank Saul, Ricky Villa, Glenn Hoddle, Des Walker (1 pt)  Steve:  2017-02-20

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