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Set by Phil  |  42 pts     (2018-03-28)

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1) Which English word comes from the Greek words 'pteron' and 'helix'? (1 pt)  Phil:  2018-03-28

2) These are the scientific names for animals whose common names are misspelled in famous band names - name the band from the scientific name: a) Coleoptera b) Simians c) Aves (3 pts)  Phil:  2018-03-28

3) After having birthdays in three separate episodes during seasons 3-5, the three Simpsons children have remained the same age ever since - what are their ages? (character name and age, please) (3 pts)  Phil:  2018-03-28

4) These 4 types of rare lightning are pictured with visual clues to their name - name them. (4 pts)  Phil:  2018-03-28

5) The following acronyms have been popularised on Reddit - decode the phrase from the acronym / context: a) AFAIK (when stating an opinion) b) ELI5 (when asking for a description) c) IRL (when contextualising a story) d) MRW (when responding to something) e) OC (when talking about provenance) f) TIL (when presenting new information) (6 pts)  Phil:  2018-03-28

6) There have been two prominent poisoning cases of Russian nationals on UK soil in the 21st Century attributed to Russian state involvement. What two substances were reportedly used? Both of them are a specific type of the thing being used - half a point for just the thing rather than the type. (2 pts)  Phil:  2018-03-28

7) There are only 3 letters that appear just once in Presidents of the USA's common names - generally speaking, middle names are initialised, but one of the answers comes from a President with 3 full names. Name the presidents for half a point extra each. All other letters appear multiple times. (3 pts)  Phil:  2018-03-28

8) This map of sea areas used in the Shipping Forecast is missing 8 regions named after inhabited islands (a-h), 2 regions named after uninhabited islands (i-j) and one named after an inhabited tied island (k). Can you name the areas? (11 pts)  Phil:  2018-03-28

9) The Tokyo Olympics (2020) will feature 5 new sports (note, this is different to new events, such as 3x3 basketball - basketball already features). Name the sports from these descriptions: a) A hitting a ball game b) A martial art c) An elevated event d) A sea-based sport e) A Californian pursuit (5 pts)  Phil:  2018-03-28

10) a) Starting in 1956, the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film has been awarded, with any country being allowed to submit one film for consideration. There are two countries that are way out ahead in terms of Oscar wins - what are they? b) The UK has won this award twice, in what language? c) The 2017 winner was titled Una Mujer Fantástica, directed by Sebastián Lelio. What country is it from? (4 pts)  Phil:  2018-03-28

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