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Set by Ali  |  51 pts     (2017-11-27)

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1) Kriegspiel, Crazyhouse, Apocalypse, and Baroque are all forms of what game? (1 pt)  Ali:  2017-11-27

2) The following music genres are associated with which cities: a) Trip-hop (UK) b) Baggy (UK) c) Motown (USA) d) harDCore (USA) e) Footwork (USA) (5 pts)  Ali:  2017-11-27

3) Jerks: a) In which sport might you do the 'clean and jerk'? b) Which comedian is the star of The Jerk (1979)? c) Jerk spice rub is principally made from two things. Name: i) The spice ii) The variety of chilli (4 pts)  Ali:  2017-11-27

4) Edinburgh Comedy Awards: a) What happened for the first time ever with the 2017 Edinburgh Comedy Award? b) To whom was the 2008 Panel Prize awarded, leading to Richard Herring calling it "a bit of a patronising cop out"? (2 pts)  Ali:  2017-11-27

5) The international date line is based on the antemeridian, but slightly rejigged because the latter passes through two countries, which are avoided by the date line. a) Which two countries? b) Which country claims the part of Antarctica that is passed through by the antemeridian? (3 pts)  Ali:  2017-11-27

6) The zoom in/out functions on a camera are usually labelled with the letters W and T. What words (in both cases preceding 'lens') do they stand for? The 'W' word is hyphenated. (2 pts)  Ali:  2017-11-27

7) Non-standard sports: a) What unusual item is worn by the participants in a game of Goalball? b) Camogie is 'almost identical' to which sport, except that it is played by women? c) Which 8 countries host events on this season's FIS cross-country skiing calendar? To (possibly) help you out, the following is a selection of locations, one per country: Ruka, Toblach, Lenzerheide, Oberstdorf, Planica, Seefeld, Drammen, Falun. (10 pts)  Ali:  2017-11-27

8) What's next in these sequences (pictured)? A point each, or 1/2 point if you can't get the answer, but can describe the sequence. (4 pts)  Ali:  2017-11-27

9) Three guys, two girls, one whistle: There were 5 Gladiators named after animals who appeared in 4 or more series of the TV show. Please name them. (5 pts)  Ali:  2017-11-27

10) Name 5 guest presenters of Have I Got News For You. They will be marked according to the following scheme, according to how high up they are in the list ordered by appearances: 1-5: 2 points each, 6-10: 1.5 points each, 11-20: 1 point each, anywhere else: 0.5 points each. The top five have hosted 30, 19, 13, 13 and 12 times respectively. (10 pts)  Ali:  2017-11-27

11) Name the 5 capital cities ending with the word 'CITY'. For the sake of removing ambiguity, I'm not counting Djibouti as it seems to be inconsistently added. (5 pts)  Ali:  2017-11-27

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