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Set by Adam  |  25 pts     (2017-09-27)

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1) What was the name of the FIRST British woman in space? (1 pt)  Adam:  2017-09-27

2) Who was the FIRST UK Labour Prime Minster? (1 pt)  Adam:  2017-09-27

3) What is the FIRST metal in the periodic table (if listed by increasing atomic number)? (1 pt)  Adam:  2017-09-27

4) Which rugby union Premiership team comes FIRST if you list them all alphabetically? (1 pt)  Adam:  2017-09-27

5) What was the name of the FIRST Stuart/Stewart monarch? (1 pt)  Adam:  2017-09-27

6) Name the ONLY actor who was nominated for 8 Academy Awards for Best Actor, without winning any. (1 pt)  Adam:  2017-09-27

7) Which TWO Scottish football teams erroneously use the title "City" despite not having city status in the UK? (2 pts)  Adam:  2017-09-27

8) Try naming the last THREE Canadian Prime Minsters (including the present one) (3 pts)  Adam:  2017-09-27

9) Which FOUR artists/bands have had the most UK number one singles? (4 pts)  Adam:  2017-09-27

10) Jane Austen is currently replacing Darwin on the tenner, but who were the original FIVE pictured Brits (other than Queen Elizabeth II) on first run of standard 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50 notes (first issued in 1978, 1971, 1970, 1975 and 1981 respectively - bonus point if you can match them to the note...)? (10 pts)  Adam:  2017-09-27

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