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Set by Phil  |  30 pts     (2017-09-20)

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1) These text strings have what testing functions (just a rough desciption needed)? a) "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet..." (etc) b) "Hello World" c) "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" (3 pts)  Phil:  2017-09-20

2) Longitude: The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time is a 1995 book about an 18th century British man who solved the problem of measuring longitude by creating a very accurate what? (don't need a specific name, just what it does) (1 pt)  Phil:  2017-09-20

3) These UK hazard warning symbols have what definition? All are single words, d) is a compound word. (4 pts)  Phil:  2017-09-20

4) a) What is a Lingua Franca? b) The Plains Nations used a lingua franca across much of North America. What is unusual about it? (2 pts)  Phil:  2017-09-20

5) The oldest football club with a well-documented, continuous history is based at Trinity College, in which city? (1 pt)  Phil:  2017-09-20

6) Name the films for these classic film posters. (6 pts)  Phil:  2017-09-20

7) On 23/08/07, Chris Messina suggested the use of what, now popular on social media, to help group together messages in his 'barcamp' thread? (1 pt)  Phil:  2017-09-20

8) a) Naim, Arcam and Cyrus are high-end manufacturers of what type of equipment? (1 pt)  Phil:  2017-09-20

9) What country is this? (see pic) (1 pt)  Phil:  2017-09-20

10) Dem Bones is a 19th century composition that's widely known for its listing of human bones and how they're connected. e.g. "The toe bone's connected to the foot bone..." etc. a) From the 'foot bone' to the 'head bone', which 9 other bones are mentioned along the way (all are listed as '___ bone', even if that's not the name we give them). b) This song has what subject as its focus (not bones, and just the general subject needed)? (10 pts)  Phil:  2017-09-20

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