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Set by Ali  |  49 pts     (2017-09-12)

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1) With members of which band does Richard Ashcroft of The Verve share a songwriting credit for Bitter Sweet Symphony, as the main violin part is sampled from an orchestral version of their song 'The Last Time'? (1 pt)  Ali:  2017-09-12

2) Alan Partridge once arrived to find his car vandalised with the words 'COCK PISS PARTRIDGE'. In order to sanitise this to the best of his ability, what did he change these words to? Hint: the letters were upper-case and he merely added lines; he did not add or remove any letters; he did not erase any part of any letter; and if you pretend it was 'COCK PISS PARE', then the resulting words are all common real words. (3 pts)  Ali:  2017-09-12

3) a) Name the only artist to have won the Mercury Prize twice. Which band is the most-nominated artist, but has never won? b) Which two former winners (2010, 2012) are nominated for the prize this year? Hint: they both use slightly unconventional capitalisation in their names. (4 pts)  Ali:  2017-09-12

4) Two of this year's Wimbledon singles finalists have won Wimbledon more than 5 times. Who are they, and in which two years did they both win? (4 pts)  Ali:  2017-09-12

5) Banksy was recently accidentally (probably) outed on a podcast as a member of which Bristol band/group? Which drum & bass musician / producer / DJ did the outing? (2 pts)  Ali:  2017-09-12

6) a) How old was the Edinburgh International Festival this year? b) This year's festival opened with a concert of 'Surprise Symphony', which was the opening concert at the original EIF, by which composer? (2 pts)  Ali:  2017-09-12

7) There are a number of words in English whose letters are already in alphabetical order, for example Aegilops (although that is not Scrabble-valid). Name the 6 letter words whose letters are in (strict, i.e. no repeats) alphabetical order, defined below: a) Nearly b) Examination of tissue c) Printed multicoloured cotton fabric (3 pts)  Ali:  2017-09-12

8) A mini-quizzy giro / tour / vuelta d' / de / a Italia / France / España: a) Name the colours of the General Classification winner's jerseys in each of cycling's grand tours. What colour jersey is awarded for *last* place in the Giro? b) Name the four cheeses from Italy, France and Spain with protected designation of origin status beginning with G (2 Italian, 1 French, 1 Spanish) c) Name the four mainland regions of France, Italy and Spain beginning with B (1 Italian, 2 French, 1 Spanish). France recently merged some regions, including one of the former B regions, however the new region containing that one also begins with a B- I will accept either the former or current name. d) False friends! The following things sound or look similar in each pair of languages. But what are the two English translations? 0.5 points for each: i) Spanish: burro, Italian: burro ii) Spanish: gato, French: gâteau iii) Italian: sale, French: sale. And what single English meaning do the following false friends (for English speakers) share? iv) Spanish: librería, French: librairie, Italian: libreria v) Spanish: actualmente, French: actuellement, Italian: attualmente (16 pts)  Ali:  2017-09-12

9) Since Mac OS has stopped being named after big cats, it has had 5 releases (10.9 - 10.13). What are their names? They based on locations/landmarks in California, although to be honest that's not exactly a great hint. (5 pts)  Ali:  2017-09-12

10) What things do these fonts come from? They are being confusingly used to describe vaguely similar / related things. (9 pts)  Ali:  2017-09-12

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