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1) Which 1963 British comedy sketch is an essential part of the German New Year's celebration? (1 pt)  Susi:  2017-08-29

2) Embarrassing bodies: Fill in the blanks! a) Janus: In ancient Roman religion and myth, Janus is the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, passages and endings. He is usually depicted as having two ______________. b) Bast: Many Egyptians worshipped the goddess Bast, who had a woman's body and a _______'s head. c) Argus: Greek mythology. He had 100 _______________ all over his body. d) Ra: Sun god and most important god of the ancient Egyptians. He is usually depicted as a man with a __________'s head. e) Medusa: Greek mythology. She is usually described as a winged human female with _________ in place of her hair. f) Krishna: the god of compassion, tenderness, love and beauty is usually pictured holding a _________ in his hand. (6 pts)  Susi:  2017-08-29

3) Name Germany's northernmost, easternmost, southernmost and westernmost cities (stadts), and the one closest to the middle. (5 pts)  Susi:  2017-08-29

4) This question is dedicated to all the men called Thomas out there. Fill in the gaps - Sometimes you need more than one word: a) Thomas More (1478-1535) wrote _____, published in 1516, about the political system of an imaginary ideal island nation. b) Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) invented the first long-lasting, practical __________. c) Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) was the principal author of _________. d) Thomas Harris (born 1940) is an American writer, best known for a series of suspense novels about his most famous character, which is ___________. e) Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) is best known for his 1651 book _______________, which established the social contract theory that has served as the foundation for most Western political philosophy. f) Name the 1924 novel written by Thomas Mann (1875-1955). g) Name the author who wrote "The Return of the Native". h) He lived in Sodor, a fictional island located in the Irish Sea. (8 pts)  Susi:  2017-08-29

5) a) Which 3 countries lead the world production of tea (producing most kilos)? b) Which 3 countries lead the world production in coffee? (6 pts)  Susi:  2017-08-29

6) Following berries are crosses between which other berries? a) Boysenberry (4 types) b) Jochelbeere (2 types) c) Tayberry (2 types) (8 pts)  Susi:  2017-08-29

7) Name one composer per era! a) Medieval b) Renaissance c) Baroque d) Classical e) Romantic f) Modernist g) Postmodernist (7 pts)  Susi:  2017-08-29

8) a) What does the 'E' in E-numbers stand for? b) What do the following groups stand for? i) E100-199 ii) E200-299 iii) E300-399 iv) E600-699 (5 pts)  Susi:  2017-08-29

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