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Set by Ali  |  25 pts     (2017-01-28)

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1) Name any one of the 4 newly named chemical elements in 2016. (1 pt)  Ali:  2017-01-28

2) Name any three of the four 4-letter streets off Leith Walk. (3 pts)  Ali:  2017-01-28

3) What word meaning a set of circumstances or event is also a term in computing for '#!', often found at the beginning of a shell script? (1 pt)  Ali:  2017-01-28

4) Music round! These three songs' titles run into each other. One point for each title, bonus point for all three artists. (eg ParkLife Becoming A LandSlide Away; Blur, Manics, Oasis) (4 pts)  Ali:  2017-01-28




5) Name these two events from the world record data. (2 pts)  Ali:  2017-01-28

6) Name these four countries (pictured). (4 pts)  Ali:  2017-01-28

7) Booze question. a) Which lager's name translated into English means 'Blue Ribbon'? b) What American brewery has a lager called Blue Ribbon (abbreviated PBR)? c) Which cider's name means a reliable, trustworthy person? (3 pts)  Ali:  2017-01-28

8) The following people share names. Who are they? a) An Australian golfer, the first Aussie to win the Masters in 2013, and a comic actor known for Parks & Recreation and Step Brothers b) A Turner prize winning artist and Oscar winning director, and an American actor known as 'The King of Cool' c) A member of Destiny's Child, and an actress who played Marilyn Monroe in My Week with Marilyn d) A 16th century English philosopher, and a 20th century Irish artist (4 pts)  Ali:  2017-01-28

9) Which is the only state whose name contains its own two-letter abbreviation but *not* as the first two letters? (1 pt)  Ali:  2017-01-28

10) Which two Fox sitcoms had a pair of crossover episodes in their most recent seasons, in which Jess meets Jake? (2 pts)  Ali:  2017-01-28

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