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Set by Adam  |  25 pts     (2017-01-26)

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1) Who is the youngest Best Director Oscar winner (Academy Award for Best Directing) as of 2017? (1 pt)  Adam:  2017-01-26

2) From which country did the United States buy the US Virgin Islands (as they were renamed), which they have formally owned for 100 years this month? (1 pt)  Adam:  2017-01-26

3) Which 2015 novel was the belated follow-up to To Kill a Mockingbird? (1 pt)  Adam:  2017-01-26

4) Who was - somewhat confusingly - the 22nd and 24th President of the United States - making Donald Trump number 45? (1 pt)  Adam:  2017-01-26

5) In the original version of Monopoly (in the US) the places names are based on locations in and around which US city? (1 pt)  Adam:  2017-01-26

6) Which Dutch-American artist's oil painting Interchange is currently (perhaps jointly held with Gaughin) the highest valued piece of art ever sold (at around $300 million)? (1 pt)  Adam:  2017-01-26

7) Name three American states that have a population of less than 1 million and therefore have only one congressman/congresswoman in the US House of Representatives (there are 7 to choose from) (3 pts)  Adam:  2017-01-26

8) Name the Tom Hanks films from his character name and the year of its release: a) Josh Baskin (1988) b) Sam Baldwin (1993) c) Paul Edgecomb (1999) d) Vicktor Navorski (2004) e) James B. Donovan (2015) (5 pts)  Adam:  2017-01-26

9) In which North American sports would you find top-tier teams named: a) Nashville Predators, Arizona Coyotes and Columbus Blue Jackets b) Arizona Diamondbacks, Minnesota Twins and Colorado Rockies c) Colorado Rapids, Philadelphia Union and Portland Timbers d) Atlanta Falcons, Caroline Panthers and Jacksonville Jaguars e) Portland Trail Blazers, Memphis Grizzlies and Denver Nuggets (5 pts)  Adam:  2017-01-26

10) In which non-US countries can you buy the following McDonalds treats - according to The Food Network (the first three are from Europe, the last three not from Europe)? a) McKren b) McKroket c) McSbrinz d) Bubur Ayam e) Pao de Queijo f) Poutine (6 pts)  Adam:  2017-01-26

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